If you’re looking for a playground, you won’t find one here.

What you will find at Pelham Mill is a dog park, mill ruins, a wooded area with riverside walking trail, and the rushing waters of the Enoree River cascading over a dam.

Although allergies keep us from having our own dog, my kids love animals. One weekend we decided to explore this park with a friend who has a dog.

The dog park area is divided into to two sections. One fenced area is for large dogs, and the other enclosure is for small ones.

Our friend commented that this dog park was busier than others he’d seen. No dogs fought, but they ran around excitedly. The sign posted indicates that children under 10 are not allowed, and it makes sense because a little person could easily become scared or knocked down.

The mill ruins are easy to spot near the park entrance. The former mill office is mostly intact. Next to it, there is a large stone wall with steps. Climb the steps to the top of the wall to see the cascading river. Make sure you walk all the way to the end of the wall to see the other brick ruins on the far left.

We explored the path along the river until it became too narrow. Sadly, the woods are full of trash and litter, although my kids didn’t seem to notice.

One downside to the park is there are no restrooms.

You can go

Pelham Mill Park is located at 2790 E. Phillips Road, Greer. For more information, visit

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