Did you realize there’s a tranquil, 26-acre park hiding behind the hustle and bustle of Wade Hampton Boulevard near downtown Greenville?

Unless you’re really into disc golf, this gem may be hiding under your nose. A couple of tennis courts and a softball field share the space with a playground and swings. The park also offers a mountain biking trail, which overlaps the disc golf course, so pedestrians may find competition for space on the trail.

If the acreage of this park makes you envision Cleveland or Herdklotz Parks, guess again. Man-made amenities seem sparse for a park of this size. And honestly, I’ve never been desperate enough to venture inside the public restroom here.

The real attraction at Timmons is the natural setting. The fact that the park isn’t heavily developed is what makes it special. With woods and a creek, this picturesque setting is a great place for a shady picnic, especially as the temperatures rise.

While not related to the park, visitors shouldn’t miss driving past the nearby Gassaway Mansion, one of the city’s more unique historic landmarks. The nearly 100-year-old building’s architecture combines the traditional Neoclassical columned façade with a castle-like stone tower. You really have to see it to believe it!

Originally a private residence, it was the city’s first art museum, according to my mother. The current museum on Heritage Green was built in the 1970s. The mansion is no longer public property, however, so be respectful and stay on the road.

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