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Park profile: Butler Springs offers eastside families a fun playground

Butler Springs Park on Greenville’s Eastside is a hidden gem. Located in the East North Street/Pelham Road area, this well-maintained park features a great layout for kids of different ages.

There are two separate play areas for preschool and elementary-aged children, and in between there are restrooms and a well-shaded picnic pavilion.

When my kids were little, it was helpful that the preschool playground was fully enclosed by a fence. The nearby restroom was handy during the potty-training years – unlike some of our other favorite parks that involve a distance sprint!

As my children started spending more time on the equipment for big kids, I could still run around with my toddler and hold her hand on the big-kid equipment. We were still close enough to the small kids’ play area that it wasn’t a problem to bounce back and forth between the two play zones. That may not sound special if you have just one kid. But the same feat is tricky at places like Herdklotz Park, so Butler Springs is a good fit for families with kids at different stages of development.

Another great feature of Butler Springs is that the picnic area is a concrete oasis of cool in the warmer months. Something about the construction of this picnic pavilion makes it much cooler than the wooden picnic shelters at other parks. The shady pavilion also offers a full view of the elementary play equipment. Caregivers can beat the heat while the children run wild.

There are also tennis courts and a paved track and some lovely trees. The track is OK for a tricycle with an adult to help maneuver the slopes. The parking area is nearby, with plenty of spaces. A quick run to the car is no problem, and the park is never too crowded. However, the odds of finding a new friend for a playmate are hit and miss. It might be more fun to bring a friend.

Want to go?

Butler Springs Park is located at 301 Butler Springs Rd, Greenville. With 10 acres of recreation opportunities, including tennis courts and walking trails, it’s a great spot for families. Visit for details.