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Park Profile: Happy Hollow Park in Spartanburg

Exploring a new park with our kids gives us mini-adventures to help shake up our everyday routine. Happy Hollow Park, located in the Converse Heights neighborhood in Spartanburg, didn’t disappoint!

The unique attractions of this park are the sculpture garden and the cool, historic neighborhood surroundings. Mom will definitely enjoy the eye candy of these Pinterest-worthy homes.

The park is divided into two spaces: a playground and a sculpture garden which are separated by a large picnic pavilion.

The sculpture garden has small signs with learning and storytelling activities that my 4-year-old enjoyed, despite the fact that many of the accompanying images on the walkway were faded. The central feature of the sculpture garden was on a pedestal just right to climb atop and explore the art. The highlight, though, was a large, multicolored metal flower sculpture in the back of the park. My girls thought it was awesome, and my 7-year-old asked if we could come back in fairy costumes.

Several families were playing the day we went, but not so many to make it crowded or hard to spot our own children. The friendly playmates were mostly preschoolers. A couple of kids were in the younger elementary grades, though we saw no peers for my fourth grader.

There were play structures for preschool and elementary kids, and I found both to be pretty similar. My 4-year-old played on both structures. My kids didn’t notice a difference in difficulty either, and I had to point out the signs to them. I do recognize the need to give a space for toddlers where they won’t be run over by bigger kids.

The children hated to leave, so we’ll have to come back and remember our fairy wings next time.

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Happy Hollow Park is located at Glendalyn Avenue in Spartanburg. It includes a playground, picnic shelter, benches, original sculptures, water fountains and a grassy play area. For details, visit