My kids love mini golf, and I love when it’s free, like Sparkle City Mini Putt in Spartanburg.

Designed by nationally-recognized artist Robin Schwartzman, the course has local flavor with an artistic flair. Given that he’s taught college classes in toy product design, Schwartzman obviously knows what kids like!

Each hole represents a feature of Spartanburg. The first green is in the shape of South Carolina, and the hole marks the City of Spartanburg. Other holes at the course reference places like The Beacon Drive-In restaurant.

The 9-hole course was great because 18 holes sometimes feels like a marathon! We had time to finish the course before anyone got too hot or cranky. The course was so fun and quirky, my older kids were happy to replay some holes while their little sister caught up. The compact size of the course allowed me easy supervision no matter how far apart my kids were playing.

The nice folks at Paisley Paw loaned us balls and putters in exchange for holding our driver’s license until return of their equipment. According to the City of Spartanburg website (, several other local businesses loan them too— the Local Hiker, Growler Haus, Dottie’s Toffee, Little River Coffee Bar.

Sparkle City Mini Putt, 188 E. Broad St., Spartanburg

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