As scary as it sounds, August means back to school sales, sharpening pencils and searching all over Walmart for a protractor (do we ever actually use those things?). The last mad dash of summer barbecues and trips to the lake/beach are wiped away by meet-the-teacher nights, and for some of us, Friday night football. What gets lost in all of this, is the actual academics.

In a world where education budget cuts are an annual event and teachers who thought they were going to make a difference are forced to spend every moment teaching to an exam, a large burden falls on the parents. Any mom or dad stuck watching their elementary-aged child doing multiple hours of homework every night knows things have changed since we were in school. For those of us who need some help on our side, the website/app Quizlet is a great resource.

Twelve years ago, high school student Andrew Sutherland created a tool to help him with his French vocabulary quiz where he had to know the names of 111 different animals. After acing it, his classmates wanted to know how, and Quizlet was born. It was released for public use in January, 2007, and a decade later, there are 20 million monthly users with over two billion study sessions in that time.

Quizlet is great for rote learning. When you need to know the different parts of a cell, the various tariffs or events surrounding the Revolutionary War, or vocabulary, this is the place for you. You can create your own “sets” of information or do a search to see if there is a set already created on the site. There are six ways to learn on the site, from creating flashcards, doing matching or fill-in-the-blank exercises to a pair of games called Scatter and Gravity. They will help keep the kids stimulated, and when they are ready, you can create quizzes for them from the material.

We used this website for our kids throughout their elementary years, but you are not limited to that. Imagine medical students using it to go over the many medical terms, corporations using it for training for their employees, or professionals taking advantage of the offerings to get ready for certification exams. The options are endless.

The one thing parents must be aware of is that all answers are based on the input of the sets themselves. If you spell something incorrectly, the answer must be spelled the same way to be considered “correct.”

You can use Quizlet through their website ( or you can download the app for iOS or Android. Get yourself and your children off to a good start this school year, and save yourself hours of stress.

Check out Quizlet and see how it can work for you. Good luck!

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