I have a confession to make. Organization isn’t necessarily a strength of mine. When you have a family of five (and add in two dogs), this is something that is an absolute must. With children in multiple schools, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, sports, band, choir, etc, it can become incredibly overwhelming to try and keep things in order. When you add evening board meetings for the parents, it is just downright impossible to keep anything straight.

Enter Cozi.

Created by Amazon and Microsoft veterans in 2005, this free app might be the lifeline you need to stress-free days. With multiple awards and 17 million users, they must be doing something right.

Cozi offers a shared family calendar that allows you to coordinate from one location, while giving access to every member from any device. Appointments and activities can be color coordinated to highlight specific family members, and emails and alerts can be sent to remind everybody about where they need to be. While there are many families that use Google calendars to do the same thing, this application offers more.

My wife is notorious for writing lists. She will write them on the first piece of paper she finds because she always gets nervous that she will forget. The only problem is that she also frequently loses that piece of paper. The Cozi app also offers the ability to create lists. Whether it is shopping lists where you need to separate your Costco list from your other shopping, the honey-do list that can be shared with the manual labor you call your husband, or a packing list for your child’s end of the year field trip, it can all be created, managed and shared easily through your favorite device. It even allows you to move ingredients from your favorite recipes over to a shopping list.

Speaking of recipes, you can save your favorite recipes into the Cozi Recipe Box and meal plan right into your calendar using this app. It also has a great feature that I really need. I have used recipes, especially for my slow cooker from my phone. However, the screen always goes blank, and I really hate touching my phone while also being elbows deep. This app has a “Keep Screen On” feature that eliminates the need for me to disinfect my phone every time I cook.

Cozi also has a Family Journal option for those moments you want to capture and preserve, but not necessarily post on social media. You can upload photos, write down your memories, and even email them or upload them to a family website. This could be a great way to separate all your family memories from pictures of cats and bacon or some political post on your Facebook page.

Yes, there are many different apps that do some or all of these things that you use to make your life easier. If so, then kudos to you for figuring life out a lot faster than the guy who looks at his desk and uses the “stratification technique” to keep order (obviously the oldest stuff is on the bottom, right?). I may not be happy about the ever growing “honey-do” list, but at least now I don’t have to be threatened with physical assault by the wife if I forget to call that person for the 17th time. Happy wife, happy life.

May this app provide you with a stress-free life and a harmonious household.


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