The leaves have changed and begun to fall. The sweaters have come out of storage.

It’s November, and while we should be focused on being thankful and spending time with our loved ones, there are plenty of people who are laser-locked on one thing: Black Friday.

The day originally received its name because it was a day where retail stores generally crossed over into profit territory for the year. However, when any corporation has a good thing, they will push the envelope. Now, we have Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving — and even the Wednesday before.

What do you do when you are overwhelmed by all the ads, circulars and commercials? How can you keep anything straight? Are you sure this is the best deal? Here are two apps to help you navigate through the chaos.

Dealnews (iPhone, Android) is a great app year-round. There are more than 400 deals every weekday, and they receive 14.5 million visits every month. They focus only on reputable companies and show you the absolute best deal available for any product you are looking for. The Black Friday-specific app will pull the deals specifically for these big sales. Just choose the stores you plan to visit, and you can set alerts when they issue new prices both in-store and online.

If that doesn’t work for you, how about having 10 million of your closest friends keeping you informed of deals in real time?

Slickdeals (iPhone, Android) is an online community focused on sharing the best deals. With over four million app downloads and an 80 percent return rate, they must be doing something right. Slickdeals will help you set alerts and monitor those deals where the product always disappears before you get a chance to grab one. Their editors sift through these deals, researching the price and price history of products from a variety of merchants, selecting only the best deals to post.

This collaboration of the community and deal editors guarantees the best prices around and makes Slickdeals really useful.

The one thing these two apps do not offer is personal bodyguard services. Every year you see the videos of people getting trampled or knocked over while fighting for that flat-screen TV or the latest hot toy.

Enjoy yourselves and grab great deals for your loved ones, but please be safe out there.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

> Victor Alfieri is an avid music fan who has three children with his wife, Stephanie. Connect at and Twitter @VictorWordkrpht.

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