I don’t know about you, but I always go shopping, come home and find something that I forgot to buy. Or my husband goes shopping and doesn’t get something because it’s not on the list — it’s just in my head.

A friend told me that the reason this happens is because I wasn’t using an app to keep track of my grocery and other shopping lists.

After investigating all of the available shopping list apps, I decided to try the one called Out of Milk. Why did I pick this one? I thought the name was very fitting, and the others that had top ratings had boring names like Shopping List and Our Groceries. I also liked the idea that someone else — like my husband — with a smartphone could access the lists.

This app actually has a website that you can use, so if you don’t have a smartphone — or your phone is dead — you can still access your lists.

After installing the app on my phone, I started to think about how many other shopping apps I have on my phone.

Store-specific apps

I have apps for the stores at which I frequently shop; they show me what’s on sale that week. I also have the Target Cartwheel app. This app is full of electronic coupons for Target. They put them into categories, which make it easy to search for what you’re looking for. Unlike some other stores, these coupons can be combined with paper coupons.

Money-saving apps

Speaking of saving money, I also have an app that allows you to scan the bar code of an item. This app, the ShopSavvy Classic Barcode ScannerandQR Code Reader, will search both local stores and the Internet to compare prices. I’ve used this app when I’m out shopping with my family and trying to buy something big. Usually my husband will research these types of purchases, but sometimes things happen on short notice, right?

My food processor broke recently, and I had promised to make coleslaw for a huge picnic at my child’s school.

So, when we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy a new one, we wondered if the price we were about to pay was competitive. The app allowed me to check local and online stores: With a simple click or two of this app, I knew who had the best price.

Now that I’ve thought about all of these apps, I can understand why my husband thinks that I should also have an app that displays the amount in our bank account.

You can get these apps

The apps discussed in this article are available for iPhone and Android. Search the iTunes App Store or the Google Play store.

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