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Make family dinners a reality

These days, we’re all running somewhere.

We’re running home from work to pick up the kids to run them to the orthodontist. Then we run home, throw something together for dinner and run back out the door to some other activity — either for the kids or, if we’re lucky, for us!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were tools to help make it a little easier to accomplish the dinner step?

Many people don’t like to go grocery shopping. Shipt ( allows you to select your groceries, choose a delivery option and check out. The delivery can occur within an hour and is free for members on orders over $35.

An annual membership is only $49. There is also an app available. Their selling point is that they hire local people to do the actual shopping, which will ensure that the fruits and vegetables you order are fresh and ripe. In the Upstate, groceries are purchased at Publix.

OK, that’s great! But how do you know what to order if you don’t know what you want to make? A lot of my friends use Pinterest ( to find recipes. Allrecipes ( and MyRecipes ( are also great places to find dinner ideas.

I like Allrecipes because you can search using ingredients that you have on hand and also exclude those you don’t want included in a recipe. You can also create a free account on the website and create an electronic recipe box to store your recipes. If you don’t have the time to even think that much, you can subscribe to a meal-planning service that will send you a week’s worth of recipes. The one that I’ve used in the past is eMeals ( I thought that their recipes were very family-friendly. They were things that most kids would like to eat and didn’t include obscure ingredients that you would only need for a specific recipe. There are also 11 different food styles from which to choose, including gluten free, vegetarian and slow cooker.

You can try the website out for free for two weeks. After that, you can purchase a subscription ($39 – $69). There’s also a free app that you can link to your account. This allows you to access your weekly meals from your mobile device for easy shopping and cooking.

One thing experts say we’re missing today is dinner together as a family. Hopefully, these tools will help you bring back family dinners to your home.

Talk to Stephanie

Stephanie Kreitman is an IT manager, mom to two boys, and a member of Upstate Women in Technology. Follow her @StephKreitman.