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Three apps to track your New Year’s resolutions

It’s January, the month where we all make resolutions to change.

According to a Franklin Covey study, 35 percent of all resolutions made are broken by the end of January and only 23 percent actually last the whole year. A Nielsen survey from January 2015 showed that the top two most common resolutions are “stay fit and healthy” and “lose weight.”

If that’s your resolution, there are many websites and apps out there to help you with your goals. A very common app for weight loss tracking is MyFitnessPal ( It allows you to track your exercise, weight and the food you eat. It can become something in which the whole family can participate, since you can connect with people on the app. The app is free, which means that you can’t use a fee as your excuse.

Lose It! ( is another app with a connected website that helps you lose weight. It will set a daily calorie limit, track food and exercise, and help you try to stay motivated.

Like MyFitnessPal, you can connect with friends and family to be accountable. When you have to report to friends and family, it’s a lot harder to cheat on your resolution. The difference with Lose It! is that the free version is very limited. The premium version (which costs $39.99 per year) will track things like body measurements and also includes menu and exercise planning. The premium version also allows you to create and join private and public challenges, further increasing the accountability aspect.

It’s hard to fit exercise into our lives today — unless you consider driving carpools exercise. And kids today often aren’t getting enough exercise, so why not exercise together?

The 7MIN – 7 Minute Workout app allows you to pick the exercise you want to do and, as its name says, each exercise is only seven minutes long. You can choose the number of times each exercise repeats, the length of rest periods and if you want an audio countdown until your next exercise routine (this allows you to exercise completely hands-free). The app also includes a weekly diet program that you can choose to follow to help increase your weight loss. As with the other two, you can connect with people you know to make it a challenge.

I hope 2016 brings you and your family lots of health and happiness with a few websites and apps to help you along the way!