June means Father’s Day, and my husband Marshall is an amazing father to our four children. He puts up with so much from them and from me. I decided to ask him about his take on the Day for Dads.

“The Father’s Day I really remember is my first one. I remember getting to stand up in church to be recognized and say, ‘Hey, I’m really a dad!’” Marshall said.

While each child is very special, he noted the first one is nothing but wonder and amazement with everything being exciting.

In his mind, the perfect Father’s Day would be church or brunch with the family and then spending the rest of the day relaxing, whether he’s relaxing with or without children — he said that depends on the year. I guess dads really are like moms in some regards.

While moms are often thought of as the unsung heroes of the family, dads are usually made to look like Disney characters on television — Goofy and Dopey. They’re portrayed as clueless guys who make terrible jokes. But really, most work very hard for their families both in and out of the home.

“[Dads on TV] downplay the importance of the father figure in the home. The dads I know strive very hard to keep up with the goings on in their families,” Marshall stated.

He said dads, be they biological, adoptive, step, even grandfathers and uncles, need to be able to show children love and discipline. They need to demonstrate virtues like honesty, love, responsibility and more.

I couldn’t agree more.

The father-child relationship is a vital one. My husband loves to go outside and play with the kids, rough house with them and bond with them. But then he also is quick to correct a missed behavior and require respect from our brood.

Before having children, Marshall and I had agreed I would have the high paying power job and he would stay home with the kids. That did not happen. At all. But it meant a lot to me that he was willing to take on that role (which more and more dads are doing). He also never hesitates to change a diaper or handle the bedtime routine.

Dads are amazing people who deserve a lot more than they are granted on any given day. If your children’s father is involved, please take the time to thank him this Father’s Day. And if your father is still around, do the same for him. Happy Father’s Day!

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