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Bon Secours Wellness Arena adds on-site nursing suite

Breastfeeding mothers can now enjoy events at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena knowing that an on-site nursing suite offers them and their babies the comforts of home.

The suite extends Bon Secours St. Francis Health System’s commitment to supporting breastfeeding, according to Jennifer Robinson, Communications and Marketing Specialist, for the health system.

“Through our partnership with Bon Secours Wellness Arena, we came to realize that there’s not really a good place for moms to go,” Robinson said. “Breastfeeding is an important thing that we like to encourage.”

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The large room accommodates two nursing mothers. It includes recliners that can be made private by pulling a curtain around them. And moms don’t have to miss out on the action. A TV running in-game feeds is perfect for families who are there for hockey games and other events. In addition to the private nursing areas, the room includes a changing table, a sink and a table located near an outlet for mothers who need to pump or even charge their phones. For additional privacy, moms can lock the door.

Robinson said the facility is the first arena-based suite in South Carolina. The hope is that it will encourage other arenas across the state to follow suit.

“We’re hoping it will set the example,” she said.

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