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Free online MoveWell program encourages Upstate residents to be active

Fitting in a workout can be next to impossible some days. To make it easier, Greenville Health System has launched MoveWell, a free, online program that offers monthly videos and more.

MoveWell’s video workouts feature Kendra Rorabaugh, supervisor of Group Fitness and Aquatics Programs at the GHS Life Center.

“We realized there are lots of people in Greenville who want to get healthy,” Rorabaugh said. “We have a lot of places where you can go, but there aren’t a lot of free, grassroots, reliable sources where you can do this. The goal is to make exercise as affordable and accessible as possible.”

The program features one new video workout per month. The monthly videos began in January and all previous videos are available online. The video format also includes three different levels of intensity.

“I teach group fitness classes and I’m used to being in the same room with people, and I can see if they are getting discouraged or getting bored,” Rorabaugh said.

Having two other participants doing the exercises at lower and higher intensity helps viewers choose what they need. Rorabaugh said those who watch at home can have the freedom to decide.

“We choose movements that can be done almost anywhere, and you don’t have to have special equipment,” she said.

For those who don’t have access to a gym membership or a home gym, or for busy moms who just can’t go to a class, having access to the online videos can mean the difference between working out or not.

“This really breaks down those barriers,” Rorabaugh said. “Go outside or push the coffee table out of the way.”

Rorabaugh said it is important to get over an “all or nothing” mentality and not make fitness too complicated.

“When it comes down to it, we know from research that you can get health benefits from just 10-minute rounds of exercise,” she said. “Even if you only get one, it’s better than none at all. Maybe you are at a season when you can only get one round and that’s great. We put so much pressure on ourselves and we get it externally from other sources. We’re all a work in progress. We can shift our view of movement and recognize that our time of movement is that I move because I feel better, doing it because we already appreciate ourselves and by doing it, we will feel good and have the energy we need.”

Rorabaugh also encourages parents to have their kids join in. Build a workout from the video options available – keeping what works and eliminating what doesn’t.

MoveWell is available at www. The site includes videos, printer-friendly workouts and more. A Facebook group is available by searching MoveWell Online Community. Updates and videos are also available at and on the Greenville Health System’s YouTube channel. Live events are also planned, which allow at-home participants to work out together and give feedback. See the Facebook group for details.