Parents, if you've noticed an alert about a recall on GoGo Squeez children's fruit snacks in your social media feed this week, make sure you give it a closer look.

The makers of the children’s fruit snack GoGo Squeez have released a statement reiterating they do not have a current recall of  products after reports of last March's recall began recirculating on social media.

"We are not currently recalling any products," the company says on its website. "We are aware of old information circulating about the recall we announced over one year ago in March of 2016, and we want to confirm that there is NO NEW RECALL. The issue from last year has long since been corrected, and we have been back in full production for months. We are confident in the quality of the products we are sending to your stores."

To view the statement and see details of last year's recall, visit the Materne website.

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