Liz Josefsberg has helped Jennifer Hudson, Charles Barkley, and Jessica Simpson on their weight loss journeys. While celebrities do have some advantages over the rest of us — hello, personal chef and trainer — Josefsberg suggests that our habits can be our greatest weight loss tool or our biggest weight loss foe.

“We all know what we need to do,” she said. “I have never trained anyone who when given a choice between an apple and a snickers didn't know which was the healthy choice. We have to create habits to help us make smarter choices.”

Josefsberg suggests five habits that can help you improve your health and look better in a swimsuit this summer.

Hydrate. Josefsberg recommends that clients drink the equivalent of about half their body weight in ounces of water each day. For a 140-pound woman, thet would be 70 ounces or close to 9 cups per day. She says that most people are dehydrated due to inadequate intake of fruits and vegetables. So use discretion based on your own fruit and vegetable consumption, thirst and activity levels to determine the proper amount. To increase your intake, Josefsberg suggests keeping two bottles of water- one for your car and another to carry with you throughout the day.

“So many times people will eat, when they are really just thirsty,” she said.

Plan and prep food in advance and try to keep daily carbohydrate intake under 100 grams per day. Lack of time is a big reason why people make unhealthy choices. It can be easier to reach for a processed snack. Josefsberg suggests prepping meals and snacks ahead of time to make it easier to make healthy choices when you are in a bind. Josefsberg likes to shred chicken at the beginning of the week for use in a variety of recipes. She suggests using grocery delivery services, if at all possible.

In our area, Mother Earth Produce allows for online shopping and delivery of fresh, organic foods. The selection is not limited to produce. Mother Earth carries meat, eggs, dairy and even some baked goods. If you are really limited on time, Jesefsberg suggests services like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh that will do the prep work for you.

Move your body. Everyone knows that you need to exercise if you want to lose weight. We all want to know what exercise will be the most effective.

“The most effective exercise is the one you will do on a regular basis,” said Josefsberg. “When I was training Jennifer (Hudson) she hated the gym, but loved to play basketball, so I had her playing basketball. Jessica (Simpson) loved sessions with the trainer. Find what you like. Go to a kickboxing class or a dance class. Keep trying new things until you find something that you love.”

In addition to planned exercise, it is important to incorporate daily movement into the entire day. Josefsberg spends a lot of time on the phone, so she purchased a headset and makes sure to walk around during phone calls. For others, it can mean planning movement breaks or getting up to move during commercials when watching a favorite program.

Use technology to your advantage. One way to ensure adequate movement throughout the day is by using a step counter. Most people already have this on their phones. Josefsberg recommends looking at your average daily step count and adding 1,000 more steps per day, increasing each week until you get to 10,000. She also uses her phone to remind her to stop and drink water during the day.

Allow for failure. “Move away from guilt and shame,” said Josefsberg. “I have learned that the demon is trying to do things perfectly. If you make a mistake, let it go and focus on something that you are grateful for. The people who win at weight loss are averagely consistent and keep things in moderation.”

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