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Giving back: Greenville company helps moms fighting cancer

Keeping a house clean can be challenging for anyone, but for someone fighting cancer, it can be nearly impossible.

That is why Merry Maids of Greenville decided to partner with Cleaning for a Reason: to provide free housekeeping services to women with cancer.

“The first woman we worked with was pregnant and had Stage 4 pancreatic cancer,” Merry Maids franchise owner Jessica Swanson said. “When the team arrived, she was very overwhelmed. We were able to help with cleaning and even entertain her 3-year-old so that she could get much-needed rest.”

For cancer patients in particular, a clean home is more than just a luxury, Swanson said. “We are able to sanitize surfaces and really cut down on germs at a time when patients’ immune systems are compromised.”

Swanson and her team enjoy being able to help women through rough times.

“A lot of the women here have dealt with cancer in their own families and understand the difficulties patients face,” said Swanson. “My grandmother passed away from cancer.”

If you know someone who might benefit from the services offered through Cleaning for a Reason, you can visit their website, for more information. Donations are also accepted through the website.