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Keep kids fit during colder weather

It’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to keep your family fit.

Every season has its list of potential excuses for skipping fit family activities, but weather is going to top the list for the next several months.

Here are some ideas on ways to work in family fun as the weather is cooler and our schedules get tighter during the holidays.

Let it go

Get a kite at a toy or hobby store, and spend time on a breezy day letting it go. It’s a classic outdoor activity that the entire family can enjoy. You and kids will be running around trying to get that guy up in the air. School athletic fields are perfect for this activity — just be sure there are no wires or trees around in which the kite could get stuck, and don’t fly a kite during a thunderstorm. If you’re a crafty, do-it-yourself type, you can try making your own kite. There are some simple instructions for kite-making at

Hit me up

Get a bag of large marshmallows (not the really big ones). Divide them among your family members so everyone has an equal amount, and start throwing. It’s like a snowball fight, but without the cold and pain. For older kids who want more of a challenge, roll up socks to use instead of the marshmallows.

Under the sea

You remember those big parachute things from elementary school? You can find them at a teacher supply store, or grab an old bed sheet for some fun indoor play for all ages of kids. Toss some lightweight balls or rolled-up socks on the sheet. Then everyone takes a side or corner and starts shaking the sheet like it’s a popcorn popper. Find a whole list of imaginative parachute games at

Splish splash

It never hurts to get in a little outside play and also accomplish a much needed task — like washing the car if a day is not too cold. This is one of those chores kids love to help with, and there is so much movement involved that it will give everyone a good workout. Make sure everyone has his own rag or sponge, crank up some tunes, and have a dance party on the driveway. Don’t stop with the washing — everyone gets to help dry as well!

Colors of the wind

No childhood is complete without spending cool, fall or winter days jumping in leaves. When I was growing up, we didn’t have any decent leaf-droppers in our yard, so my dad would take us to the park, rake in tow, so that at least one day every fall we got to jump in the leaves.

The summer months make it so easy to get moving, but it’s just as important to maintain an active lifestyle even as the weather starts to get cooler and the elements a little more foreboding.

With a little creativity you can come up with some fun fitness alternatives for the whole family!

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