Beverly Wade isn’t leaving her first career anytime soon, but she is already preparing for what lies ahead.

Wade is a resource special education teacher for kindergarten through grade five at E.P. Todd Elementary School. After 22 years of teaching, she recently earned a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling.

Wade’s career was born from compassion she felt for children with special needs.

“I think what really keeps me motivated is that I learn so much from the children I teach,” she said. “One experience can inform what I do for another situation. I look forward to every school year. It has been a blessing for parents to say, ‘How can I help you? What can I do to support you?’ It’s been a wonderful life journey for me.”

As a resource teacher, Wade works with a student’s individual needs.

“It’s is a pull out model,” she said. “A period of resource instruction equates to 50 minutes in our district. I work on areas where they have deficiencies. When they go back in the classroom, they would have mastered those basics and can progress.”

The results of Wade’s work are tangible.

“When you have a child at the beginning of the year who may not know letters or numbers and by the end of the year, they are reading, it is amazing,” she said. “That’s because it is a collaborative thing.”

Wade credits parents, classroom teachers, school administrators and of course, her students, with creating a team that works to maximize results for each child.

“It’s a group effort and I’ve been blessed,” she said.

One day years from now, Wade will face retirement from education. At that time, she hopes to put her new degree and her years of experience to use in a different way — one that offers hope and joy in the face of challenging news.

“I’d like to work with parents who are expecting special needs children,” she said.

For now, Wade rejoices with each new day that she gets to nurture young minds.

“I love to learn,” she said. “With the support I get, I am excited to see what my children have learned, what they have mastered. I love it. I love school.”

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