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Park Profile: Benson Automotive Kids Planet at Century Park in Greer

When I heard that the old Kids Planet at Century Park was going to be torn down, I felt a twinge of sadness. My kids loved the old, wooden play fort, and I was sorry to see it go.

City of Greer, I shouldn’t have doubted you. The new park is awesome!

What we lost in the wood towers, we gained in a Rapunzel-style fairy tale tower with slide. Usually, playground equipment is pretty standard, but we’ve never encountered anything like this. The arched window is accompanied by a shingle-effect roof and faux brick chimney. It’s more like a structure from a theme park than a playground.

An important improvement is better visibility for parental supervision. The wooden play structure had vertical slats throughout, so it was impossible to spot a child in the crowd. From time to time, I heard my littlest one howl in distress, unable to find her sisters. Thankfully, visibility is no longer a problem.

Another focal point is a huge butterfly-shaped sunshade in a rainbow of colors in the preschooler area. Most of the park has a cute bug theme, so the tunnel and slide are fashioned after caterpillars. A ladybug and wiggly worm are other cool features.

The park also has a splash pad, which has a motion-activated, water-saving feature, as opposed to most which run all the time. When a child walks under one of the colorful hoops, a sprinkler turns on.

The ziplines are a well-loved addition to the remodeled park. One is appropriate for smaller, elementary-aged kids, and it zooms down a long track. Older elementary kids tried it, but they lagged and had to bounce along rather than zip. The other zipline set is shorter, but more riders can play at once. It is appropriate even for bigger children, and there’s a harness for children who may benefit from more security. 

We’ve seen parks with a musical instrument area previously, but the parts were always broken. These were new and fully intact, and they seemed to be sturdy and built to last.

Sadly, it doesn’t appear the restrooms have been remodeled with the rest of the park, and they could use some love, but the park’s overall upgrades are a delight for Upstate families. 

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