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Five Safe and Fun Baby Shower Ideas

Celebrating the arrival of a new baby is a wonderful time to bring family and friends together to honor mama, family and the baby. As the pandemic persists, keeping everyone safe is a top priority. While the baby shower you had dreamed of might not be the conventional kind, there are still some great alternatives that allow for fun, safe fellowship and celebration of this milestone event. 

Virtual Baby Shower

For a shower where the honoree and guests can at least see their loved ones via screen, a virtual baby shower is a great option. Though you may miss seeing those near and dear in person, having everyone online can still be a treat. Whether through Zoom, Google Meets, Facebook Live, or another online meeting platform, a virtual baby shower doesn’t have to be a bore. Spice it up with special toasts, old photos, online games, karaoke song dedication, or bake-offs or decoration contests where virtual attendees can vote for the winner. Often gifts are sent ahead of time so that guests can see the honoree opening gifts. Check out for a website that does all this for you from one platform. 

Staggered 1-1 Shower

While it may not be quite the same as having everyone, you love in one place, a staggered baby shower is a great alternative. With this type of shower, attendees schedule a specific time slot to come by, visit, and celebrate with mom/dad/family, one at time. Guests can still get visit in person but in a safer way, and in a manner all feel comfortable with (masked, distanced, etc.).

Drive-By Baby Shower Parade

Who doesn’t love a parade, especially one in honor of a growing family? The host for this type of shower can have guests decorate their cars to adhere to an overall theme or individual car themes, and ride slowly by and drop off presents. This can make for an unforgettable, cherished event.

Postpartum Care Packages 

For family and friends spread all over the country and those that aren’t big on technology, consider organizing postpartum care packages for the new parents/growing family. This type of after-shower celebration could include family or friend groups selecting a week to shower the new arrival’s family with a package of gifts, having food delivered, paying for the house to be cleaned, or even paying for a postpartum doula or sitter to help the family in the days following baby’s arrival. 

Baby Shower Tailgate

It doesn't have to be football season to host a baby shower tailgate. For families that still want to convene, but at a distance, find a large space, parking lot, or field and have participants pull up with their own chair, drink and gifts to fellowship and celebrate at a distance.