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On the shelf: Make time for high interest books

If you have a reluctant reader at home, they can burn out on books once school starts back, but high interest stories can save the day. There are some sweet picture books on the shelf this month and even an adventure-filled book of space explorers to keep the reading going into fall. Schedule a trip to the library, if you can, and let your little ones find books that cause delight and excitement. There’s something for every interest and I guarantee your local librarian would love nothing more than to help your children find what sets their love of reading on fire.  

“Good Night, Spencer” and “Spencer Loves You” by Michelle Romo (Workman Publishing, ages birth – 4)

We love a good board book, no doubt. They let babies know right from the start that books are to read and enjoy and hold (and sometimes chew, but that’s OK). With these bright, die-cut board books, designer and author Michelle Romo (creator of “Crowded Teeth”) gives littles a fun way to grow vocabulary and sight reading. These will likely hang around the house for years. 

“Space Explorers” by Libby Jackson, illustrated by Leonard Dupond (Aladdin/Beyond Words, ages 8 – 12, available Aug. 10)

Libby Jackson is an expert in human spaceflight and the author of “Galaxy Girls.” With this new work, she gives young readers a look at 25 extraordinary stories of space exploration and adventure – from the earliest days of the space race to a look at what a future trip to Mars might be like for those who stretch humankind’s boundaries once again. This would make for a great “chapter a night” bedtime book to read together. 

“GLOW” by Ruth Forman and illustrated by Geneva Bowers (Little Simon, all ages)

This beautifully illustrated board book is an ode to Black boys that serves as a companion tale to “Curls,” created by the same team. With gentle, rhyming text, this is an ideal bedtime story for even the youngest children. Shine, little ones. 

“This Book Can Read Your Mind” by Susannah Lloyd, illustrated by Jacob Grant (Quarto Kids, ages 2 – 5) 

Warning: no silliness allowed. Of course, that means silliness will ensue immediately and continue through this book that will have beginning readers howling with laughter. Be sensible, and whatever you do, don’t think about pink elephants. 

“The Mole and the Hole” by Brayden Kowalczuk (Quarto Kids, ages 3 – 6)

The mole just wants out of the hole. Is that too much to ask? With some unmoving rocks and a grubby best friend, his underground adventure and dreams of sunlight collide in this sweet picture book.