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Business Spotlight: Genesis Birth and Wellness

Part of Bethany Arrington’s practice is really listening to the women who come to her for care. She wants to hear their concerns and let them know they are seen.

Arrington, owner of Genesis Birth and Wellness, is a Certified Nurse Midwife. She has worked for years as a midwife and she also has 12 years of experience as a labor and delivery nurse.

A common refrain she hears is that women are looking for a provider that looks like her.

“Not just Black women, but women in general – they want to be heard,” she said. “They want their concerns to be listened to and taken seriously. It’s really meeting women where they are and listening.”

Arrington has an office in Greenville for appointments, but births take place in the woman’s home or if needed, in the hospital. She says her philosophy about birth is different than what has traditionally been available from a healthcare provider.

“We are trained to approach pregnancy as a normal life event to be celebrated and welcomed,” she says. “We focus on pregnancy wellness full circle – a holistic approach – mentally, emotionally, physically keeping you well.”

Arrington’s scope of practice is wide and includes care outside of pregnancy. She can write prescriptions, order lab tests, do wellness exams and more. 

“I can help women navigate the life stages after kids as well,” she said. 

One goal of Arrington’s practice is to take midwifery to those who might not think it is for them.

“Midwifery is not just for a certain type of woman,” she said. “I’m working to make it accessible to women from all walks of life. The midwifery model is beneficial for all women.”

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