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STRETCH for your goals

From head to toe, Bon Secours STRETCH is working to help clients improve function and flexibility, whether for carrying a toddler or running a marathon.

The program, held at the St. Francis Therapy Center at SportsClub Greenville, is done by physical therapists who are functioning under a different umbrella as stretching professionals.

“It’s a one-on-one session with clients and the healthcare professionals here,” Scott Carley, physical therapist, said. “We’re all therapists, but when we perform this program, since we’re not billing any physical therapy services, we basically become stretching professionals.”

The program includes passive stretching and active, assisted stretching.

“What we do is one-on-one, hands-on stretching for our clients,” Carley said. “It’s 30 minutes, typically. It can be custom fit for the client for what they want to address.”

Focused solely on stretching and flexibility improvement, the program does not include any diagnosis or evaluation by the physical therapists and it does not require a physician referral. In some cases, clients may need or want to be escalated to physical therapy, which requires a separate evaluation where stretching professionals make the transition to a different role. 

While almost anyone can benefit, women who are pregnant might do stretches sitting or lying down in certain positions. Parents may need to address muscle imbalances from carrying their baby or from spending time on floor with kids. Young athletes can also benefit, according to Carley, since they may be less focused on stretching when they are active. 

The stretching program costs $50 per 30-minute session or $150 for four sessions. There are no set parameters on how frequently clients come and no specific age requirements. Teens to senior adults can focus on improving their quality of life. 

“We know that really focusing on flexibility doesn’t just make you more loose, it really does improve function across the spectrum – all the way from sports to just doing housework or getting out of a chair,” Carley said. 

For details, contact Bon Secours STRETCH at the St. Francis Therapy Center at SportsClub Greenville by calling 864-527-7044.