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Always An Adventure: Like You

"Everybody is becoming something. We’re all becoming what we behold. Everybody wants to find their purpose. Everybody wants something more because I’m going to be more of anything, I just want to be more Like You.”  – Aaron Cole

Aaron Cole has become one of my children’s favorite artists – technically, he is a Christian artist, but I love good, clean, fun music. Recently he released a single called “Like You,” and it registered for me oh so well. My daughters love pretending they are photographers, writers, teachers or “internet famous.” While I qualify for the first two, I don’t think they understand that even though I get likes on social media, that doesn’t mean I’m famous. I’m beyond thankful for outstanding teachers who have poured into their love for education and made my girls want to be like them. 

We let the girls go “live” on Facebook for friends and family for free entertainment, and they bring a lot of joy to others. They started off reading books, having coloring contests and trying to be comedians, but it transitioned to makeup and makeovers – caking it on and pretending they were FAB-U-LOUS queens. 

My oldest daughter started coming on photoshoots with me so, I made her the behind-the-scenes photographer, showed her the basics of my backup camera, and gave her the freedom to snap away.

If I’m honest, it is intimidating because this kid is looking up to me – of all people. In my mind, I’m not sure if I’m qualified to be a parent, let alone a parent she should look up to, but I have made it my mission to try and be the person I want her to be. I teach her to love God and love people. I want to show her how to be there for others in small ways that often add up. 

For teacher appreciation week, my daughter had big-budget dreams for gifts. Still, we’re ballin’ on a budget, so we made the teachers personalized gifts filled with chocolate. 

She now tries to find ways to make someone’s day. She tries her hardest to make up jokes. They’re horrible, but she is trying. She tells me about how she sits with her teacher at recess and talks with her or finds ways to hug her previous teachers to make their day. She tells me about a friend at school who is struggling, and I show her ways she can help that person and love them. 

My favorite thing is picking my children up from school. My oldest daughter pops in the car and says, “Momma, I did this… like you!” 

Maybe I am doing something right. 

Nakeshia Shannon is a photographer and mother of three. Visit her online at