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Mom To Mom: I got the vaccine

The vaccine for COVID-19 has been out for a few months now, and I was thrilled to schedule an appointment through a local healthcare provider back in March. 

Everything ran smoothly at the clinic site and I waited all of 30 seconds before an adorable girl in scrubs welcomed me to a chair in front of her. Ten seconds later, I was done. My first dose. I waited the obligatory 15 minutes (and took a selfie), then trotted home. 

A few weeks later I returned, repeated the same protocol, and went home prepared to be achy, sore and tired. But thankfully, none of those side effects got me. I did nap the next day, but let’s be honest – I have four kids. I would nap every day if I could. 

One of my best friends is giving the COVID shot at a large clinic in the Upstate. She said there’s a serious lack of adults ages 30 – 50 lining up for their vaccine and she doesn’t understand why. 

I’ll be honest – neither do I. This is the age group with both young children and aging parents. This is the age group that’s out in the workforce. 

I got the vaccine so we can work towards herd immunity, and do I don’t pick up COVID-19 at the grocery store, then bring it home to my children, who could then spread it around their classroom. I got the vaccine so I can not worry about seeing my mother and risking her becoming ill. I got the vaccine because my daughter did have COVID in the winter, and I want to avoid any more spread in my community. 

I cannot tell you what to do. If you are against the vaccine, my words will not convince you otherwise. But if you’re unsure… Think about your children and their teachers. Think about your parents. It’s been three months for me and I haven’t grown a third arm (yet) or experienced any side effects. If you are able to get the vaccine, go ahead and get it. Maybe then we can work on going back to normal.

Allison Wells is a wife, mother of four and an author. Her motto is "Life is short, eat the Oreos." Visit her online at