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Eat Right: Eating More Vegetables

As a nation we are still doing a really poor job at eating our vegetables. Many of us don't even eat one serving a day! What's stopping us? 

Availability? There's no rule that says you have to eat fresh vegetables. Frozen vegetables may be more economical and they're picked and frozen at peak ripeness so they are a good option. Canned vegetables also work.  

Price? Buy what's in season and economical. This may mean it makes more financial sense to buy frozen or canned – and that's fine. 

Preparation Anxiety? Don't know how to prepare a certain vegetable?  Look it up online. Check out the Ingles Markets website for recipes, pick up a copy of the “Ingles Table” magazine available in the Ingles deli or just search for recipes that will interest your family.

Taste? Try new/different vegetables and different types of preparation. If you've only had steamed broccoli, try roasting it in a hot oven with olive oil, salt and pepper instead. If you've only eaten red peppers cooked in a fajita, try them raw with a dip. If you’ve had raw carrots, try them roasted with honey and ginger or turn them into a soup.

Bottom Line: Aim to eat a variety of vegetables every day. You can eat them raw, roasted, steamed, in salads, added to omelets, pastas, soups or rice or even in a smoothie. The amount of vegetables you should eat depends on your age and calorie intake. 

For more ideas on how to prepare vegetables and what counts as a serving, visit or

Talk to Leah: Leah McGrath is the corporate dietitian for Ingles Markets. Follow her @inglesdietitian. Contact her at, 800-334-4936 or at