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Children's books for animal lovers and to encourage positive thinking

“When the World Stays Inside” by Mikey Woz, illustrated by Sara Panchaud

Truly a book for our time, this sweet story puts a positive spin on all the things we can do and create when we stay home to stay safe. This is a keepsake your children can read to their grandchildren one day. Order directly from the creators at

“Fetch! A How to Speak Dog Training Guide” by Aubre Andrus and Gary Weitzman and “Pounce! A How to Speak Cat Training Guide” by Tracey West and Gary Weitzman (National Geographic Kids, ages 8 – 12)

For pet lovers of all ages, here are two lively guides to crack the code of training your pets so they remain happy and healthy family members for years to come. Kids can become confident and kind companions for their canine and feline friends with the guidance found here. 

“Mindy Kim, Class President” by Lyla Lee, illustrated by Dung Ho (Simon & Schuster, ages 6 – 9)

Mindy is back, and this time, she’s running for class president. For kids (and parents) who need a break from real election news, try a story that shows the value of overcoming your fears and stepping out in service to others. 

“This Thing Called Life” by Christian Borstlap (Prestel, ages 5 and older) 

With delightful, engaging illustrations and deceptively simple text, this wonderful book takes kids and parents on a beautiful exploration of the interconnectedness of life. I think this one will make it into the story rotation again and again. 

“Madeline Finn and the Therapy Dog” by Lisa Papp (Peachtree Publishing, ages 4 – 8)

Madeline’s pup, Star, learns just what it takes to become a therapy dog, and Madeline learns how to connect across generations with an elderly man who needs a friend. This lovely book would be a great story time for little ones who will visit a senior living facility or an elderly relative – once that’s safe to do again.