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Being Thankful during a year that brought us COVID, hurricanes and an election.

Just for Mom

Mom to Mom

This year is almost over. It’s been a 2020 of a year, hasn’t it? From COVID to hurricanes to elections – this year has packed a punch. But here we are sitting firmly in November and it is finally in the home stretch. 

I don’t know about you, but this year hasn’t been all bad. Personally, I had two books published in 2020, signed a contract to publish another one and started two more. My kids are doing well in school, and my youngest is in kindergarten, which means I have time to work now without someone yelling for me to get them some toilet paper. 

I’m so thankful that my family and friends who have been affected by COVID have all thus far recovered and only a few were seriously ill. I’m so proud of my community for coming together for the greater good and wearing masks, staying socially distant and flattening the curve.

My own tribe of friends grew closer as our only choice for time without kids was group chats and Zoom calls. From video conferenced book club to hundreds of daily messages – the internet was our lifeline to the outside world and each other. There were days we were all ready to throw in the towel, but love and encouragement from others helped us push through the bad days. I wouldn’t trade that bonding time, that’s for sure.

And while I know every parent out there wanted a six-month break from their kids after the world shut down in March, I think we all enjoyed at least a little family togetherness. I know my family had lunches together daily, which was a far cry from barely having time for a weekly supper around the table together. We laughed and learned about each other. I learned my middle son loves to swim and my daughter wanted to run for student council – things I did not know.

Yes, this year has been hard and we’re all ready for it to be in the rearview mirror and fading into the background, but there have been good things mixed in – personal accomplishment, family togetherness and a community coming together separately.