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Let's Eat!: Cooking fish at home – you can do it

Question: I’m trying to prepare more fish for my family that’s not breaded and fried, but I need some ideas on how to cook it so it’s not so smelly.  

Answer: Often when fish is overcooked or even slightly old it has a stronger smell. Make sure you use fresh/thawed fish within two days of purchasing it. If you aren't going to cook it, be sure and freeze it or buy frozen fish filets. Ingles sells a variety of frozen fish filets in the frozen food department that can be quickly thawed under running water. I like to cook mild tasting fish like tilapia or swai and put it into tacos with chopped vegetables and even add a bit of grated cheese and salsa. You can also season fish with herb blends, salt and pepper and cook it in a hot skillet with a little oil. The "trick" to cooking fish is to not overcook it. Because fish filets are so thin and low in fat, when fish is overcooked it becomes dry and has a stronger smell. 

You may also want to consider canned or packaged fish like salmon or tuna. Some of the canned or pouch salmon and tuna have some really interesting flavors like ginger or barbecue. You could use these to top salads or make into tuna salad. (Mix with a combination of mayonnaise and a plain Greek yogurt for lower fat.)  

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