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What’s hot? Check out these new products

Dress for success – no matter how young are – with adorable KidCover smocks (Tiny Tux $39.99) from KidDazzle. The cover is made from 100 percent food grade silicone and polyester with a waterproof coating. It is wipeable, machine washable, waterproof, stain and odor resistant. And it is perfect for special occasions, family events and more. Sizes 6M – 24M.

If you’ve been washing your hands 83 times a day, thank you and good for you! But also, you could probably use some extra care for your hands. Gloves In A Bottle (8 oz., $18.95) is a shielding lotion designed to retain natural oils and moisture and assist in the skin’s ability to protect against hand sanitizers, alcohol, harsh soaps and more. It does not wash off, but comes off naturally as your skin exfoliates. Vegan, dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic, every ingredient is on the FDA’s most safe list.

Getting outdoors is a great way for families to stay active and stay safe, but it helps to be prepared when you or your kids need to go. TP Kits ($2 each or $10 per 10 pack) have what you need in a handy package – 100 percent biodegradable with five tissues and two wet wipes. Kits come in resealable, individual packages, so you can easily pack them out and leave no trace.

Get ready for school at home with storage that keeps everything in one place. Portable project cases ($6.99 each) and desktop storage units (medium, $31.99) help kids stay organized and help keep the kitchen table classroom a little more manageable. A variety of sizes and colors are available. Available on Amazon or at