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20 Ways to Save in 2020

If you are trying to save on your grocery bill, Ingles dietitian Leah McGrath has some tips:


1.    If shopping at Ingles, use the Ingles Advantage card to save. Look for special pricing on shelf tags and earn points towards lowering fuel prices at Ingles fuel stations.

2.    Check for weekly deals in circulars or online ads. 

3.    Sign up for store email with special deals.

4.    Shop store brands to save money.  

5.     BOGO/B1G1 – when Buy One Get One deals are available, buy, stock your pantry or freezer and save.

6.     Check the unit price on the shelf tag. 

Fruits and Vegetables

7.    Buy seasonal when buying fruits and vegetables.

8.    Buy fruits and vegetables in large quantity bags, if less expensive than buying individual fruits and vegetables by the pound.

9.    Make your own mixed salads and salad dressings rather than buying premixed salads or salad dressings. 

Grocery Aisles

10. Use boxed mixes or flour and baking ingredients to make desserts

11. Instead of buying flavored rice or pasta in small containers or portions, season or flavor plain rice or pasta.

12. Instead of buying trail mix, make your own by combining nuts, raisins and cereal.

13. Instead of buying granola, make your own using regular oats, raisins or dried cranberries, and nuts. 

Meats and Frozen Foods

14. Buy meat in family packs and automatically save on the per pound price.

15. Purchase meats in larger portions for “cook once/eat twice” meals. 

16. Buy less expensive lean cuts of meat and use marinades to tenderize.

17. Buy large bags of frozen fruits and vegetables which can be used for smoothies, desserts, side dishes, salads, soups or stews without worrying about food waste like fresh produce.  


18. Instead of buying flavored milk, buy plain cow’s milk or soy milk and add flavorings like chocolate syrup to your taste.

19. Instead of buying flavored yogurt, buy vanilla yogurt or plain Greek yogurt and add your own flavorings like honey, granola, fruit jam, fresh or frozen fruit.