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Birthday celebration coming up?

While we hope birthday celebrations will be back to normal very soon, it’s a good idea to have some plans in your pocket, especially if the big day is coming up shortly. If you’re open to having a few friends to celebrate, kids can still have fun from six feet apart. Try these options and vary what you need based on your child’s age and the safety recommendations in place when the time arrives. 

●              A nature walk or hike – This is good for all ages. Take a group walk through a local park like the South Carolina Botanical Garden and feed the ducks, or for older kids, try a more strenuous hike at Table Rock State Park. Everyone can maintain a few feet distance between them while walking and talking.

●              A bonfire – Who doesn’t love making s’mores? Have premade kits ready for kids and spread them out around a bonfire (with parental supervision) while they sing “Happy Birthday.”

●              Rock painting and hiding – Break out the craft paint. A bucket of river rocks is only a few dollars at a landscape supplier and kids can decorate their own rocks. You can also pre-hide rocks in a certain area and let kids hunt for them.

●              Scavenger hunt – Kids can maintain distance while trying to find a list of items around the yard. From old cassette tapes to a painted rock (like above!), kids scatter and hunt. 

●              A masquerade – Masks are the in thing now, right? Party guests can decorate their own mask (be it a face mask or just for their eyes) and show off their bedazzling skills birthday style.

●              Outdoor movie night – Hang a blanket and find a movie projector to host a cozy movie night outside. Invite guests to set up their blankets and pillows six feet apart, have individual popcorn bags and settle in for a night of fun and laughs.

●              Have a parade – These have been popping up all over for all sorts of reasons, and there’s no need to make them stop. Everyone deserves a parade in their honor. Friends and family can drive by for a parade, or party guests can bring their bikes and wagons to decorate and parade through the neighborhood.