Here are 10 versatile shelf-stable staples to stock in your pantry that can help you make meals – whether you're staying at home due to the pandemic, quarantined for illness or preparing for a weather-related disaster

·      Canned and dried beans – Use them to make soups, stews, chili or nachos, or just enjoy a bowl with a biscuit or cornbread. 

·      Rice – Use as a base for stir fry, homemade sushi rolls or as the starch for a meal.

·      Canned or pouch meat/seafood – Use to make chicken or tuna salad, add to hot pasta or rice.

·      Pasta and noodles – Use for Italian meals or to add to soups or stews. Cooked noodles and pasta can also be used to make cold salads. 

·      Canned fruit – Use for fruit salad desserts or smoothies.

·      Canned vegetables – Add to eggs to make quiche or frittata. Use in soups or stews. 

·      UHT/shelf-stable milk 

·      Bread, biscuit or roll mix – Find one that is “just add water/milk/buttermilk.”

·      Oatmeal – Keep old fashioned oats on hand for cookies, homemade granola or breakfast cereal. 

·      Broths/bouillon – The is useful for flavoring and as a soup base. 

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