Spring is finally here and great new books are abound. For Easter basket fun or Earth Day learning, these books plant seeds for little readers. 

Haircuts for Little Lambs and Too Many Bunnies by Tomie dePaola (Little Simon, ages 2 – 5)

These delightful board books, with dePaola’s classic style, will engage littles and parents. With padded covers, sturdy pages and engaging stories, they are perfect travel books that pass the time in a most wonderful way.

Easter Bunny by Salina Yoon (Little Simon, all ages) 

Let little readers make the animals sounds and wag the bunny’s tail for an interactive story time. This board book is simply fun and perfect for an Easter gift.

Green on Green by Dianne White, illustrated by Felicita Sala (Beach Lane Books, ages 4 – 8)

From season to season – yellow to blue to brown to white to green – the world and its cycles are colorful and rhythmic. This peaceful book is ideal for bedtime. Parents might even find themselves letting go of the day’s tension in a deep sigh as pages turn and seasons change.

I Don’t Like Rain by Sarah Dillard (Aladdin, ages 4 – 8) 

When play gets interrupted by the drip, drip, drip of a spring shower, a rabbit and his friends decide to make the best of it. This is a great reminder that plans can change, but disappointment is a choice.

Oil by Jonah Winter and Jeanette Winter (Beach Lane Books, ages 4 – 8)

Created by a mother-son team, this book tells the story of the Exxon Valdez oil spill and the devastation that followed. This is a tough read and kids will have questions, but the information is valuable. Parents should preview it first for younger children. 

Being Frog by April Pulley Sayre (Beach Lane Books, ages 3 – 8) 

With a wealth of frog characters already gracing the pages of children’s books, April Pulley Sayre takes a different approach by telling the story of real frogs and their habitat. The richness of the photo illustrations will make kids (and adults) want to join these colorful frogs for a swim. 

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