Visit your local library or bookstore this month for the stories of little girls who grew up to be women who changed the world. And don’t miss a beautiful tribute to our national parks, too.

The Only Woman in the Photo: Frances Perkins and Her New Deal for America by Kathleen Krull, illustrated by Alexandra Bye (Atheneum Books for Young Readers, ages 4 – 8)

Learn the true story of Frances Perkins, the first women to serve in a presidential cabinet and the mastermind of FDR’s New Deal and much more. Frances felt compelled to speak up for others. In doing so, she found her voice.

What Miss Mitchell Saw by Hayley Barrett, illustrated by Diana Sudyka (Simon and Schuster, ages 4 – 8)

Maria Mitchell’s father taught her to sweep the sky as she swept a room – she was destined to find something spectacular. Officially known as C/1847 T1, “Miss Mitchell’s Comet” is a source of inspiration for all who gaze upward. This book tells the story of her dedication and has a wonderful afterword with details about her career. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Laurie Calkhoven, illustrated by Elizabet Vukovic (Simon Spolight Ready-to-Read, ages 6 – 8) 

This level three book from the Ready-to-Read series offers advancing readers rich vocabulary and short chapters that tell the story of Justice Ginsburg’s life from childhood to today, with bonus details about the U.S. Supreme Court and other women justices. 

Greta’s Story: The Schoolgirl Who Went on Strike to Save the Planet by Valentina Camerini, illustrated by Veronica Carratello (Simon and Schuster, ages 8 – 12) 

This unofficial biography of climate activist Greta Thurnberg also includes a glossary of climate-related terms and tips for what young people can do to make a difference. 

Muslim Girls Rise: Inspirational Champions of Our Time by Saira Mir, illustrated by Aaliya Jaleel (Simon and Schuster, ages 6 and older) 

“People may tell you that you can’t do something because of the way you look, dress, or pray.” But this book shows that Muslim women are making history from sports to comedy to human rights – and everything in between.

You Are Home by Evan Turk (Simon and Schuster, ages 4 – 8)

Award-winning author and illustrator Evan Turk’s ode to our national parks is a stirring tour of the United States and the home it provides to us all. The focus is on the natural world, but the human element is at the heart of this beautiful book. Whether you are planning a summer trip or just want to instill a love of nature in your little ones, this book is sure to be a favorite.

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