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Sharing Life

Calling it “huge,” “a blessing” and “so nice” seems like understating what really happened at Upstate OB-GYN Group, part of the Bon Secours Medical Group, last year. Four women, all in different professional roles, ended up working together and pregnant at the same time. As a result, they have formed bonds that are carrying them forward as their babies grow.

This cast of friends and coworkers and their children is a large one. Emily Straub, medical assistant and patient service representative, is mom to 2-year-old Wyatt and 8-month-old Raelynn. Celeste Sitton, nurse practitioner, is mom to 5-year-old Landon and 9-month-old Reagan. Registered nurse and clinical coordinator Amanda Goodman is mother to 3-year-old Grant and 3-month-old Griffin. And rounding out the group with 3-month-old twins Beckham and Miller is sonographer Morgan Crisp. 

The four have relied on each other for support, to answer questions and to compare notes on everything from pregnancy issues to breastfeeding. 

“Not everybody gets that,” Straub said. “You don’t get to experience pregnancy with your coworkers or even your closest friends. Honestly, this was kind of a fluke. Having four people pregnant in the office at the same time is just crazy.”

Sitton said having other people who were sharing the same experiences at the same time made a difference.

“That’s the biggest thing,” she said. 

Crisp is the only one of the four who did not have an older child at home – and the only one who had twins – but after three rounds of fertility treatments, she is delighted to count herself among this group of new moms.

“I was mainly pregnant with Amanda,” she said. “We experienced all of our trimesters together. Just being able to talk with somebody on a daily basis about what you were experiencing was really neat.”

“It was nice to experience it together,” Goodman said. 

They have discussed everything: infertility, pregnancy aches and pains, C-section recovery, the babies’ sleep and more. All agreed that these experiences have given them a deeper understanding of what their patients experience. They also agree that having other women to share their journey has been important. It is something they encourage others to seek out.

“I think talking to other women is the best thing you can ever do,” Crisp said. “We’ve got this social media craze but actually talking to other women is the most beneficial. I think it’s wonderful when women can be vulnerable with each other and lift each other up. I think it’s in our blood. That’s what we need.”

As for the Upstate OB-GYN Group 2019 arrivals, everyone is healthy and doing well, and the moms continue to celebrate their shared joy. 

“When you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, it’s truly a blessing,” Goodman said.