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Picky Picky Picks Six

I have one son, but on many days, it feels like he demonstrates the qualities of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, at least when it comes to eating. When he is at home, he will eat fruits and veggies galore, but step one foot into a restaurant and he becomes a bona fide chicken finger, hot dog and pizza fiend. At home he takes bites of everything he is served, but away from the house he is downright grumpy when it comes to eating anything that isn’t fast and fried. In an act of desperation, his dad and I put our food down and said he was not allowed to have any say so about where we ate. Once there, he had the choice of anything on the menu, but there could be no complaints. 

Though it is not a perfect compromise, I no longer have to limit our restaurant nights to a drive through, and my son gets a meal that he enjoys. A few of our standby local restaurants that please the kiddo and the adults have unique menus and atmospheres that make our weekly night out a fun event for all.

·      TReeHouse Café & Studio: Right off the Swamp Rabbit Trail in TR is our Saturday morning hangout. There they have a whimsical atmosphere paired with yummy food. While my husband and I enjoy strong tea, coffee and breakfast sandwiches, our son has been brave enough to move from muffins and juice to his own protein rich peanut butter and banana panini and fruit. We can easily spend two hours here in the mornings chatting, doodling and completing art projects.

·      Subs and Clubs by Haywood Mall was the place our picky picky eater finally branched out into a type of sandwich besides PB&J. He spoke with the owner and she single handedly talked him into a plain gyro. He won’t yet eat the pita, but that kid has decided he likes lamb.

·      Villa Frosi is just over a year old but this place has food that is second to none. While his dad and I are working our way through the entire menu, our son has tried three different kids dishes and loves all of them. It helps that they also have spumoni ice cream and the owner gives lollipops to the kids who finish their plates. Also, they have authentic Greek coffee and baklava, that itself is worth a visit.

·      Two Chefs Café and Market is a favorite of our family because of the artwork and the vegetarian options. While I eat the beet salad and my son devours the chicken nuggets, we discuss art. It isn’t a win on the veggie front, but it has been a place where he feels empowered to serve the family water by himself and we like to talk about the ever-changing art on the walls.

·      Inky’s in Easley is another restaurant where the kid eats a hot dog and chips, but his dad and I are served some of the best Rueben and French dips in town. It is quick, filling and generally serves more than any of us can eat.

·      Finally, Asada off Wade Hampton near downtown Greenville has been our favorite since they were operating out of a food truck. The owners know us on sight and the food is dynamic. They have vegetarian options and a creativity of food that I love. The spice is authentic, the artwork is local and you will have leftovers for days. Our son eats their chicken tacos like he is starving, which if you believe him, happens every two hours.