Start the year off right with an all new approach to fitness at YMCA Greenville locations. The new Flex Fit program puts you in control, while still giving you the help you need to be successful. 

With a full year in development, the locally created Flex Fit replaces the Y’s nearly 15-year-old Wellness Works program with one that is inclusive for every level, from beginners to elite athletes. The program grows with you. New members can get started with an onboarding appointment that lasts about 30 minutes and includes data (blood pressure, weight and more) and instruction.

Flex Fit offers four tracks: General Wellness for beginners or those who want to get active, Endurance for runners or swimmers who want to build endurance levels and hone their sport, Powerbuilding for those who want to get stronger or put on muscle mass, and Shred for weight loss and toning. The program is accessed through an app, but printouts of workouts are also available for those who prefer to track their exercises on paper. Members ages 13 and older can participate. 

 “There’s also something for those who don’t want to follow a track – they just want to grab a workout,” Jeff Knox, District Executive Director at the Prisma Health Family YMCA, said.

A workout of the day will be featured each day, rotating through a list of 31 workouts. 

Flex Fit is flexible in how users approach it as well. It can be done individually (even when traveling) or in a group – called “flights – at your local Y branch. 

“There will be flight times at each branch,” Knox said. “We will have a coach available. They will be able to answer any questions.”

The program was fully created by YMCA Greenville and is designed to engage members no matter where they are in their fitness journey. 

“We videotaped demos for 120 exercises with talking points and cues over each one,” Knox said. 

Tracks run in approximately 12-week cycles, which are ideal for implementing a fitness program or for integrating new aspects into an existing program. 

“It takes 10 – 16 weeks for habits to form,” Knox said. “And it 4 – 6 weeks for your body to even adjust to something.”

Learn more about YMCA Greenville branches and membership options at Scholarships are available for those with financial need. Child watch is included in memberships and is available during select hours at Caine Halter, Eastside, Prisma Health and George I. Theisen Family YMCA branches. 

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