I was in college the first time someone gave me a surcie (pronounced sir-see). I was confused as to what one was or why I was being given one.

Do you know what a surcie is? It’s a little gift, given for no reason at all other than the giver was thinking of the person they gave it to. My first surcie was a package of favorite cookies that were hard to find. I was so surprised at the thoughtfulness and it made my day to know that person had been thinking of me.

I have an affinity for magnets. They’re a small, easy way to mark where I’ve gone in my travels. My mother recently went to Mystic Pizza in Connecticut – home of the 1980s Julia Roberts movie – and brought me back a magnet. It was a small token to let me know she thought of me while on her travels. Something so small meant so much to me.

I have also learned the art of surcie giving and I love to surprise people with them. Giving a surcie is just as gratifying as receiving them.

Gifts are my love language, but I am not a fan of giving a gift because it’s expected. I want to give a gift because I saw something that I thought would make someone’s life easier or a little happier. My oldest son loves a particular brand of vanilla chai tea and I pick it up for him on occasion just as a way to make him smile and tell him I love him.

Other times I might be shopping with a friend and if she admires a little bauble, I will go back and get it, just as a way to say I care. I will save it for when she’s having a hard day and needs a pick-me-up.

Surcies are always small and thoughtful. They don’t have to cost much at all. The main point is letting the receiver know they were thought of with affection. They’re my favorite kind of gift.

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