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Keep Calm and carry on

It’s a deep breathing coach, a meditation assistant and a bedtime story all in one. Calm, an app available in the App Store and Google Play store, has more than 50 million downloads and more than 700,000 5-star user reviews. The app is free to download but requires a paid subscription to access most of the content. A free trial of up to 30 days is available. 

The free version of Calm includes guided deep breathing (a Breathe Bubble), relaxing scenes, restful music and even a few of the app’s more than 120 Sleep Stories, which are bedtime stories for adults – soothing tales, read by celebrities (including Stephen Fry, Matthew McConaughey, Nick Offerman, LeVar Burton and more) in calm, quiet voices. A recently launched series of “Fairy Tales De-Stressed” offers soothing new takes on familiar tales, including “Wicked Witch of the West Discovers Mindfulness” and “Rumpelstiltskin Learns to Meditate.” The Calm Kids section of the app includes stories, meditations, lullabies and soundscapes for children. 

The most popular feature on Calm is The Daily Calm, a 10-minute meditation that offers new inspiration each day. For insomniacs who need more than a story, the app also includes sleep music, meditation lessons, nature sounds and more. Videos, multi-day programs and Calm Masterclasses are designed to offer tools to reduce daily stress.

One of the fastest-growing sections of the app is Calm Music, a music streaming platform with calming music and sounds in four categories – focus, relax, sleep and nature melodies – that can take you through the workday to bedtime. 

An annual subscription is $59.99. Learn more and sign up for a free trial at Download the free app at the App Store and Google Play store. Healthcare providers including counselors, social workers, doctors, nurses and more can apply for a free subscription. Learn more at