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Double the fun

Parents of multiples learn to multitask with precision efficiency – twice (or more) the diapers, feedings and daily care can leave little margin for free time. 

Now, double that and include an older child and two full-time careers, and you have a small taste of the life led by Greenville residents Dandriquez Winfield and Teonna Wilson. The couple has 9-year-old daughter, Anijae, 2-year-old twins Mackenleigh and Mackenzie and twin babies Paige and Payton, born in June at Bon Secours St. Francis Eastside. 

Life with multiples isn’t new for Winfield’s extended family. He is not a twin, but his mother and great grandmother have identical twin sisters and his grandmother has a fraternal twin. Family members on both sides have jumped in to help. 

“We’ve got a lot of support,” he said. “The 2-year-olds are getting potty trained right now.”

Winfield said life is incredibly busy and a little rough right now, but he and Wilson are definitely a team. 

“You’ve got to stick it out,” he said. “Make sure you stick together. That’s what we try to do. We put love first and pray about everything that’s going on.”

Wilson works in healthcare and plans to start school in 2020 to pursue a degree in nursing. Winfield currently works nights driving industrial trucks. They often tag-team to care for their children and make sure everyone stays on track.

Before going to sleep in the morning, Winfield helps with breakfast. He has become an expert at changing diapers. 

“I’m afraid of diaper rashes,” he said. “I change a lot of diapers in a day.” 

Though the second round of twins adds a lot of extra work to the mix, Winfield said it is not as difficult as the first time, partly because the family knows that the laser-focused intensity of caring for newborns is only for a short time. But right now, the couple has time for little else besides work and children.

“With the other ones running around, it gets a little antsy,” Winfield said. “I don’t really sit down.”

Despite the workload, it is getting easier and Winfield said every day is truly a great experience.

“It’s a wonderful blessing,” he said. “They just bless me. It gets tough. It’s hard to do everything at one time. That’s what you have to do – a bunch of things at one time most of the time. I actually love it though.”

In a house full of girls, Winfield said he doesn’t mind being outnumbered, but he is considering getting a dog. 

“I’m not going for a boy,” he said.