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Let’s Hike: Riley Moore Falls

Near the town of Westminster in Oconee County, at the end of a two-mile hike is a lovely cascade called Riley Moore Falls.

A wide, sandy beach offers a comfortable viewing area and an ideal spot for a picnic. Fallen trees also provide a nice spot to sit, if you’d prefer to stay out of the sand.

Access to the trailhead involves a ride down a bumpy dirt road. The hike is mostly easy, with the exception of a trickier, uphill stretch on the walk back. 

The falls are low, yet wide. Despite being shorter than many falls, the breadth of the cascade lends it grandeur. 

Camping is allowed in the area. We noticed remnants of campfires in the sand. A sign on the trail indicates rules. Campsites must be situated away from the water.

As a bonus, Riley Moore is only a short drive from another gorgeous waterfall, Chau Ram, located next to a parking lot in Chau Ram County Park.

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