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New baby shower gifts they’ll love

The toddler years may seem far away, but in a flash, little ones become mobile. Toddlermonitormotion sensor is never a substitute for parental supervision, but it can help. It is unobtrusive, made of food grade, BPA-free materials and hangs on any doorknob. You can even use up to three in the home at once. This motion sensor uses a Bluetooth connection to send an alert to your phone (you choose the tone and volume) to let you know if the door has been opened. This mom-invented device is the next step when little ones outgrow a baby monitor. Learn more at

Even if new parents are planning to use cloth diapers, it helps to keep disposables on hand. Cutie Pea bamboo diapers are hypoallergenic and made without VOCs, chlorine and more. They are completely fragrance free. For the planet, they are made from sustainable bamboo and are 87 percent biodegradable. They even have a wetness indicator. Cutie Pea wipes are 100 percent biodegradable and they are hypoallergenic. Learn more at

Babies should never be in coats when buckled into car seat – the restraints simply won’t fit properly. Instead, the Buckle Me Baby Coat is designed so the restraining straps are inside the coat and against the child’s chest. (Check out the video online.) Coats are Consumer Product Safety Commission approved. For details, visit