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You watch TV on demand – now you can exercise that way, too

We all have reasons (or excuses) to skip the gym, but Studio SWEAT onDemand’s platform is doing away with some of the most common. 

Workouts on the platform are done wherever you are – at home or traveling, indoors or out, while the kids are napping or before the household is awake. Because classes are available on Studio SWEAT’s website, on YouTube (including free workouts), on the app and on a wide variety of smart devices including PlayStation, Roku and Xbox One, they can go with you and on your schedule. 

The most difficult part of using the site might be narrowing down the list of possibilities. Founder Cat Kom still teaches live-streamed classes – her specialty is spinning – but if you don’t have a stationary bike at home, that’s not a problem. Classes cover almost every type of workout, including yoga, HIIT, TRX, core, dance cardio, postpartum, treadmill and more. Choose based on the equipment at your disposal. Some require nothing more than access to the app or site. There is also a great variance in the intensity of the available classes. While you should consult your doctor before participating and it is helpful to have had a live person check your form for some moves, you don’t need to be a fitness expert to join in. Youth classes have recently been added, including Family Fit Dance Cardio. And it is easy to combine shorter videos for a full customized workout from warmup to foam rolling. 

Classes are filmed in a real gym with real people participating, which can make the less personal nature of a recording feel more like being in a class. Starting with a free online class is a good excuse (or reason) to make time for a self-care break. It might be the start of something wonderful. 

Some workouts are available at no charge on At or on the app, the cost is $19 per month, with multi-month discounts and a one-week free trial available. A Backstage Pass membership (additional $5 per month) includes a customized workout plan, nutrition advice and weekly motivation. Single class downloads are available for individual purchase without a membership.