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Owners of barre3 find community that saves the day

It wasn’t a call Kyla Sfiris expected.

In August, Sfiris and her sister, Kristen McNicholas, owners of barre3 Five Forks in Simpsonville, learned that their fitness studio was underwater. A burst pipe had flooded the entire facility overnight.

“What stood out to us is how every person stepped up to help,” Sfiris said. “It has been amazing.”

Members and friends offered to clean. Other people in the fitness industry offered space for classes. And Sfiris was reminded that getting fit together is more than just an exercise for the body. The sisters, who between them have six children, quickly scheduled pop up classes to keep everyone on track while the studio was overhauled and ready for action once again.

Barre3 workouts combine strength conditioning, cardio and mindfulness, according to Sfiris. There are more than 100 locations of the franchise nationwide. 

“It is really designed for everybody,” Sfiris said. “It is low impact but super effective.”

It is deceptively effective, in fact, with very low weights combined with small movements for a whole body workout. 

“Our mission is to get the entire body in a better state of balance,” Sfiris said. 

But some people are put off by the name, relating a barre to childhood ballet classes or two left feet that don’t embrace the dance floor. This barre is different.

“It is in no way a dance program,” Sfiris said. “The barre is there for balance and support. We do move to music, but it’s more functional fitness.”

Workouts are also available online and can be done at home – no barre required. 

While Sfiris and McNicholas have worked hard to ensure that their studio is welcoming to all, they saw that effort come to fruition after the flood, when classmates, instructors and community members became a force to make sure classes continued. 

“It’s about connection – the relationships, the support,” Sfiris said. “There’s so much more that happens inside of our studio. The outpouring of love and support – what we do in our classes means so much to them. It affirms our ‘why.’”

Barre 3 Five Forks offers monthly membership and class package options. On-site childcare is included in monthly memberships. New participant specials are available. For details, visit