Inspired by our Kids and Pets theme for September? Encourage your little animal lovers with some endearing story choices. 

Scratchie: A Touch-and-Feel Cat-Venture by Maria Putri (Simon and Schuster Little Simon, ages 3 – 5). This board book is perfect for the youngest tactile learners. Little pre-readers can use their claws – just like Scratchie – to get a feel for different textures around the house. 

This Book is Cute: The Soft and Squishy Science of Aww by Sarah Wassner Flynn (National Geographic Kids)  Why are some animals considered cute? Why do we find tiny things adorable? Get the science behind it in this colorful, engaging book that answers questions kids might not think to ask. There are even cute food ideas, art prompts, a quiz and more.

Kitten Lady’s Big Book of Little Kittens by Hannah Shaw (Simon and Schuster, ages 4 – 8) Humane educator Hannah Shaw tells all about foster kittens – from the boop-worthy nose of a neonatal kitten to the celebration of adoption day. Shaw also educates young readers about the importance of saving cats through fostering and spaying and neutering. This is a fantastic introduction for families who are considering fostering young kittens.

Big Cat by Emma Lazell (Pavilion) Grandma might not notice, but her big (very big) cat is a little different than you might expect. Once you’ve added this book to your collection, download an activity pack at

Spencer’s New Pet (Simon and Schuster, ages 4 – 8) This almost wordless book has delightful illustrations and a laugh-out-loud twist that parents and kids will love. This one is loads of fun and great for imaginative littles who want to narrate with their own details. 

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