Beginning your day with a good breakfast can help start your day whether you're working out, going to work or going to school.  

Having the ingredients on hand for quick and healthy breakfasts is key. Load your shopping list with fruit, whole wheat bread, whole wheat/whole grain wraps and waffles, plain Greek yogurt, Skyr or Icelandic yogurts that are lower in added sugar, cottage cheese, hardboiled eggs (make yourself or buy the bags of peeled hard boiled eggs), eggs, Just Crack an Egg, nut butters, nuts, raisins, chopped dates with no added sugar, cheese, rolled oats and milk and soy beverages. 

Once you have the ingredients on hand, plan a week of breakfast ideas. Here are some favorites:

·      Toast waffle and top with nut butter + 8 oz glass of milk or soy beverage

·      Make overnight oats with raisins or chopped dates + milk or soy beverage

·      Hardboiled egg + fresh fruit + milk or soy beverage

·      Cottage cheese parfait + nuts + fruit

·      Yogurt + fruit + nuts

·      Mini quiche with eggs and cheese + soy beverage or milk

·      Just Crack an Egg + soy beverage or milk

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