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Business Spotlight: Magnolia Scents

One thing all moms love is a night out with girlfriends. It’s a vital way to recharge your mama batteries for the week ahead. One perfect way to have a unique experience is with Magnolia Scents by Design right in downtown Greenville.

Owned in part by Tina Rodgers, Magnolia offers not just an amazing array of hand-mixed and poured candles, lotions and more, but also the chance to create your own candle fun in a relaxed and enjoyable candle class.

“Attendees arrive and spend the first 15 minutes of class sniffing our extensive collection of essential oil-infused fragrances in an effort to pick the one they want to create with,” Rodgers said.

Using a soy candle base, guests can choose their own essential oil-infused scent from lavender and rose to chili peppers and citrus aromas. Then comes the fun part – naming your creation. Each guest gets a label to put on their candle and make up their name. From steamy to sweet, anything goes for your candle name. Choosing a color is also part of the fun, and Tina walks you through how many drops of each color are needed to create the perfect pink or Tiffany blue. 

“Our average class lasts 45 minutes from start to finish,” Rodgers said, noting that it could vary based on the size of the class.

Once your scent and color are done and poured into the glass, the candle needs to cool and set for a while. This is the perfect time to venture outside and find any of the dozens of restaurants nearby to sit down and enjoy a lively meal or drinks while you wait. After you dine, return to Magnolia to pick up your candle, and maybe a few extra as gifts, and you can take it home. The candles will fill the whole room with the pleasant aroma you chose and they look beautiful to boot.

“Go out for dinner and drinks after the class or listen to the music in NOMA square while the candles cool,” Rodgers said. 

Guests can pick up candles before the store closes at 9 p.m.

Classes are only available to participants over the age of 16 because the wax is very hot. 

Magnolia Scents by Design is located at 209 N. Main St. in downtown Greenville. Candle creating classes are $25 and perfect for any occasion – or no occasion at all. Find out more at