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On the Shelf: Back to school and more

Whether your children are heading back to school or looking for story time adventures, these new books will fill your shelves with some delightful ways to explore literacy together. 

“Truman” by Jean Reidy, illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins (Simon and Schuster, age 4 – 8)

Truman is a thoughtful tortoise who faces quite an adventure when his friend Sarah packs up a bookbag, leaves him some extra green beans and heads out for her first day at school. This sweet story is ideal for little ones who are unsure about what adventures await them in the classroom. 

“There’s a Monkey in My Backpack!” by Don M. Winn, illustrated by Dave Allred (Cardboard Box Adventures Publishing, ages 5 – 8)

Anna worries that the monkey in her backpack – the one who makes it hard to write or pay attention in class – will keep her from finishing third grade. This book is good for parents and educators to read with children with learning disabilities to help them better understand their challenges and strengths. 

“Awesome Achievers in Technology” by Alan Katz, illustrated by Chris Judge (Running Press Book Publishers, ages 8 – 12, available Aug. 6)

This book of super and strange facts about some creative minds will have young readers telling parents all sorts of details about Siri, the internet, video games and more. As they learn the stories behind the inventions, this book keeps the chapters short and interesting, with enough humor to engage even reluctant readers.

“Walt Whitman: Miracles Everywhere” by Kate Coombs, illustrated by Carme Lemniscates (BabyLit Little Poets, ages 0 – 3, available Aug. 20)

Learning begins at birth and even babies who are far removed from the first day of school can begin hearing a rich vocabulary and enjoying the beautiful art in this board book featuring the poetry of Walt Whitman. 

“Nelly Takes New York: A Little Girl’s Adventures in the Big Apple” by Allison Pataki and Marya Myers, illustrated by Kristi Valient (Simon and Schuster, ages 4 – 8)

Apple season is just around the corner here in the Upstate, but Nelly lives in New York and wants to find the Big Apple that she keeps hearing about. With stops at some of the most famous spots in the city, she and her dog bagel learn to see their home in a whole new way.